What Clients are Saying


“I have been going to Kyle for my fitness inspiration for over a year now. He has really opened my eyes up to how, when and why I move the way I do. He truly takes the time to show you the correct way to do things and I have never felt better!”

– Christina T, Denver


“Chronic pain has been a big part of my life for at least 10 years. Severe headaches for a prolonged period were the catalyst for a visit to my doctor. After some trouble-shooting and no relief, a scan revealed that I had severe degenerative disk disease, complete with bone spurs in my neck. Immediate surgery was recommended by one neurosurgeon, pain management by way of cortisone shots was recommended by another. . .

I met with Kyle and within 2 sessions, my pain was gone. Crazy, simple – Amazing. I don’t take any type of pain relievers at all now. I’ve also reduced my blood pressure significantly.
My goal after becoming pain free was to increase my strength and flexibility – I’m now working out vigorously on a regular basis. I meet with Kyle once a week to stay on track with good form and with the Z-Health drills that have kept me pain free.

Thanks Kyle and thanks Z-Health!”

– L. Brockman, recruiter, Denver


“I trained with Kyle for two years – 2007 and 2008, and throughout found Kyle to be well prepared, well educated on training methods and trends. In our first meeting, I made it clear that I was looking for someone to push me in the gym – if we became friends in the meantime, great, but in the gym, it was to be all business. Kyle took that maybe more seriously than I meant it – when I got to the gym, he made sure it was time to work. He was absolutely no nonsense.

In the course of training together, I trained for an Ironman triathlon, the Tough Guy race in England, and a series of very different events, usually close together in time. Kyle never tried to impose a “traditional” workout on me, but listened to what I was training for, did research on his own time, and then was always open to suggestions and feedback. Kyle was one of the most well-read trainers I have ever talked to. It was clear that Kyle not only enjoyed training, but also wanted to be the very best that he could be.

One of the other very impressive aspects of Kyle’s training was his versatility. I thought he was so good at what he did that I referred him to my 60+ year old mother, whose fitness goals were radically different from mine. With Kyle’s training, we both made significant strides towards accomplishing those respective goals.”

– M. Piet, triathlete


“I first began to work with Kyle to get myself back into shape and focus on strength training. I have been athletic most of my life and was well aware of the benefits strength training can add to one’s fitness level.

During our second year, I decided to take on a significant personal goal – to complete a half ironman triathlon. I had done shorter distances but had suffered from a running injury that put me on the sidelines for a few months. He focused on exercises that incorporated multiple muscle groups and interval training that did not add unnecessary stress.

As my injury began to heal and my fitness increase, he focused on specific muscle groups that would eventually help me complete my goal. I managed to achieve my goal but more importantly, learn a tremendous amount about training and fitness.

I watched Kyle work with individuals recovering from injury, other athletes with big goals and individuals just interested in gaining fitness. He tailors workouts for each individual and in my case, spent a lot of time learning about triathlon and the most effective exercises for all three sports. His appetite for knowledge and how he can apply it to all of his clients – regardless of their fitness level or athletic goals – is incredible. Kyle’s a wonderful trainer and I miss working with him.”

– J. Kupiec, triathlete


“I have been very active my whole life with a career, family, volunteer work and travel. Six years ago I developed hip bursitis and all that changed. I thought it was a minor problem but after years of of working with physicians, chiropractors, physical and massage therapists, acupuncturists and others my pain was worse and I could only walk a few blocks. Then I was referred to Kyle Norman, a Personal Trainer who uses Z-Health to help clients get stronger, move better, and eliminate chronic pain.

My body responded quickly to the combination of the Z-Health System plus weight training. Over several months my joint mobility and strength increased, my pain decreased and we’ve steadily increased the workout intensity. I am off all pain medication and playing badminton, riding my bike, walking 10,000 steps a day and starting to jog. A friend recently told me I looked ten years younger!

Kyle can really work with clients at all levels and in every age group. He is my partner in getting healthy; he wants me to succeed. Signing up with him is the best present I ever gave myself.”

– M. Munsterman, retired


“I worked with Kyle Norman in 2006 following a six-month deployment with the UN to West Africa. After my deployment I was re-assigned to Washington, D.C. where the hectic lifestyle led to my being out of shape. Being an active duty member of the armed forces it was incumbent on me to regain my physical fitness.

Kyle helped me regain my fitness through a combination of outdoor activities, hill running, and intense weight training. If you want a methodical no-nonsense trainer that is focused on living a clean and healthy lifestyle then your time with Kyle is an excellent investment.”

– C. Nino, former Marine