About Fitness Ignition

Certified Personal Trainer, Strength Conditioning Specialist, Health Promotion Expert

Kyle Norman, Certified Personal Trainer, Strength Conditioning Specialist, Health Promotion Expert

With more than 20 years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I apply my deep knowledge and passion of exercise and nutrition to provide you with the guidance you need to reach your unique goals. I’ll also provide the accountability and motivation you expect to move you toward success.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Health Promotion Management and I have certifications in strength conditioning, personal training, and nutrition coaching. I also hold certifications in functional performance and injury recovery.

You are unique. I strive to understand your motivations and goals when I create your custom fitness program. I keep abreast of fitness industry trends, methods and techniques to benefit my clients, and I share this knowledge directly during our sessions together. I expand on my approach to fitness via my blog, The Denver Fitness JournalYou’ll get continual feedback and encouragement to work hard while being coached in a safe and effective manner.

I have enjoyed physical activity my entire life—from my early days playing football in high school and college—to now where I run and bike extensively as well as enjoy recreational skiing and hiking. I know how it feels to be strong and fit, but I also have experienced significant setbacks such as chronic back pain, and surgery for my shoulder and knee. The upside to these issues is that I’ve learned a lot about pain, injury recovery, and how to overcome serious challenges. This has made me empathetic to those with similar challenges.

I am passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals. It would be my distinct pleasure and privilege to help you meet yours.

My Philosophy: Eat right often. Exercise regularly. Rest well. Enjoy life.