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I like to work with beginners and gym newbies. I love working with people who are hesitant about the gym or skeptical of their exercise abilities. One example is my client Charlie. He trains with a small group. A few years ago he changed his diet and lost weight on his own. He realized he needed to exercise too but he’d never been in a gym. He wasn’t sure what he was getting into. Fast forward about a year and he’s been training consistently and he’s doing very well. He’s strong, mobile, and he moves well. He’s incorporated exercise into his life and he hasn’t looked back.

Partner Training

Healthy habits are known to spread among families and groups of friends. Partner training is a great way to get in shape. Bringing a social dynamic to the gym is a powerfully effective thing. John and Trish are a husband and wife who train with me and we have a great time working together. When individuals live healthy lives, those habits tend to spread to spouses, kids and friends. I love participating in all of this!